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Dr. Megan Hotrum

Dr. Megan Hotrum

Dr. Megan Hotrum

Dr. Megan grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan and was introduced to chiropractic care in high school as it helped her through a back injury. Her interest came from personal experience and she witnessed how chiropractic helped many people in their pursuit of health, how chiropractic helps healthy people stay healthy and how chiropractic care gives hope to those struggling in their health.

She studied exercise science and holistic health at Western Michigan University and later she attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  Graduating in 2017 with honors.

Dr. Megan has spent the last 6 years practicing in Southwest Michigan at a large family practice. There, she found her real passion in promoting wellness in full family care. "Chiropractic care is not only very effective in treating and preventing back and neck pain, but can improve the quality of life for your whole family, from colicy newborns, reducing stress during the child and teenage years, keeping active people moving, and helping to improve the quality of life in the aging." Her main goal in your health care is to educate, inform and support you through your health journey.

At Bay Pointe Chiropractic, Dr. Megan focuses on all ages and provides prenatal, pediatric, general health, and geriatric care. She performs manual adjustments as well as gentler chiropractic techniques like Activator.

A few of Dr. Megan's favorite things include; the color blue, KitKats, Mackinac Island fudge ice cream, and all things Christmas. She enjoys boating, being active outdoors, and spending her time with family, friends and her two dogs, Bronner and Nova. If you happen to find Dr. Megan out of the office, she is likely sipping on a latte and enjoying a sweet treat. She is looking forward to being active in the community.

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